Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ebook?

An Ebook is an Electronic Book: a book in digital form that can be read on your PC and many mobile devices.

You have the same text as a normal book but it weighs nothing, you can zoom in and search - and it costs a lot less than a paper-based book!

This is an ideal time to catch up with classics of literature or newly published material.

Do I need any special software to read an Ebook?

Ebooks can be read using the software already on most computers and mobile devices - even phones.

All of our Ebooks are in PDF format.  You can use Acrobat Reader, which is already present on most PCs and Macs etc., or can be obtained from www.adobe.com.

Alternatively, you may have other software that can read PDFs: for example, many web browsers can! To open your ebook in your web browser, simply choose Open on the File menu (or press the Ctrl + O keys together) and select the file from your system.

Some of our older Ebooks presently come in zipped format. Most modern computers will let you use zip files just like folders, which you can open and select the file you want without any extra software. If that doesn't work, you can use zip extraction software such as WinZip or 7Zip.

We are currently in the process of updating all of our Ebooks to be PDF-only. In the meantime, if your book does come in a zipped up format and you have any difficulty opening it, simple contact us and we'll get our technical department to send you a straightforward PDF copy.

Will I get an instant download of my purchase?

Yes. After you have made your payment, click the button in Paypal to take you directly to a page where you can download your purchase straight away.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept credit card and debit card payments by PayPal.  But you don't need an account with Paypal to use their system.

I cannot download my purchase! What shall I do?

Simply contact us and we will help you.