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The Clue of the Twisted Candle

Murder / Mystery:

He had fallen in love with Grace Terrell.

At first his attentions had amused her, and then there came a time when they frightened her, for the man's fire and passion had been unmistakable.

She had made it plain to him that he could base no hopes upon her returning his love, and, in a scene which she even now shuddered to recall, he had revealed something of his wild and reckless nature.

On the following day she did not see him, but two days later, when returning through the Bazaar from a dance which had been given by the Governor General, her carriage was stopped, she was forcibly dragged from its interior, and her cries were stifled with a cloth impregnated with a scent of a peculiar aromatic sweetness..........

This exciting 155 page PDF mystery comes with Master Resell Rights.