Camping.....Prepare & Enjoy the Great Outdoors


Are you interested in going camping or have you been camping and things did not go as planned?

What if you knew how to be better prepared so you and those with you can just spend time having fun and relaxing.

How many times have you arrived at the campground only to find you have forgotten some essential peice of gear like your toothbrush, medication, a can opener, chairs, sunblock, insect spray, your pillow, a torch or worse the batterys.

A checklist is an essential part of preparation for camping or any holiday. An extensive checklist is incled is this guide.

Camping can be as basic or as deluxe as you want to make it. The range of camping gear is incredible, included are descriptions of the main equipment required.

Includes over 30 camping tips to help you be more prepared before your leave, travelling and when camping.

Chapters Include:

Main equipment
Before you begin
Setting up camp
Camping with kids
Camping tips
Photo album

With some helpful hints your kids will love their camping adventures, there is no better place than out in the great outdoors with the fresh air and nature. the will come with a better understanding of nature and wildlife.

Do you love taking photos, where ever you are there is always a great shot waiting, take your camer and come home with some great photos. Spectacular photos are included of some amazing destinations.

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