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Digging for Gold: Adventures in California

Wild West:

The moment they had passed out of sight of the camp a powerful savage leaped on Frank from behind, and, grasping him round the throat with both arms, endeavoured to throw him, while another Indian wrenched the rifle out of his hand.

At the same moment Joe Graddy was similarly seized. The savages had, however, underrated the strength of their antagonists.

Frank stooped violently forward, almost to the ground, and hurled the Indian completely over his head.

At the same time he drew a revolver from his belt, fired at and wounded the other Indian, who dropped the rifle, and doubled like a hare into the bushes.

The others fled right and left, as Frank sprang forward and recovered his weapon—all save the one whose unhappy lot it had been to assault Joe Graddy, and who was undergoing rapid strangulation, when Frank ran to his rescue.

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