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Graphic Design - Making Graphics in Microsoft Word

Web Design & Graphics:

"Save Big Bucks And Get Great, Professional-Looking Results When You Do It Yourself With "Graphic-Design Secrets For Direct Marketers"

If you're tired of being held hostage by graphic designers…tired of shelling out $150 or more for every little product idea you have and then waiting for days or weeks for your graphics, then I have fantastic news....

You can now create your own graphics without buying expensive software or hiring a specialist!

This manual will show you how to.....

Easily design an unlimited number of great looking banner graphics

Make grid backgrounds in any combinations of color with 2 clicks

Make striped backgrounds

Choose from at least 10 more background fill patterns (a better selection of background fills than Fireworks in my opinion)

How to do gradient fills

Do layers of pictures and text for nice effects

Make 3d text

Import and add pictures to your banners

Add great text effects that look sharp and original.

Create different outlines for your banners and images

Add a variety of predefined, perfectly geometrical shapes (lightning bolts, harts, circles, pie charts etc...)

And more!

PDF ebook