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Green Mansions


Exotic romance of the tropical forest!


"Good-bye for ever!" I murmured, and turning once more from her, rushed away like one crazed into the wood.

But in my confusion I had probably taken the wrong direction, for instead of coming out in a few minutes into the open border of the forest, and on to the savannah, I found myself every moment getting deeper among the trees.

I stood still, perplexed, but could not shake off the conviction that I had started in the right direction.

Eventually I resolved to keep on for a hundred yards or so and then, if no opening appeared, to turn back and retrace my steps.

But this was no easy matter.

I soon became entangled in a dense undergrowth, which so confused me that at last I confessed despairingly to myself that for the first time in this wood I was hopelessly lost...........

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