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eBay Entrepreneur Kit

eBay Books:

So you want to sell on ebay? Quit your job? Become an ebay™ entrepreneur: our ebook has all the tools for you to get started instantly!

This ebook is filled with answers to questions that people are dying to find out!

Did you ever search on ebay™ and wonder where do these guys get all this stuff for so cheap?

Have you sat in front of your computer wishing you could sell on ebay™ but you didn't know what to do or where to go to get the goods?

Included in this package:

* Create a Professional Auction Template (2 software programs)
* Auction Tips
* Auction Timings (the best days and times to start your auction)
* Watch Out Section.
* Do Your Homework Section (step by step instructions on the Hot Money Makers on ebay).
* What To Sell & Where To Get It.