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Bicycling for Fun and Fitness


Maybe you already realize the importance of keeping fit in today's world. Many of us sit behind a computer all day and the only exercise we get is the walk from the parking lot to the elevator.

It's no wonder we Americans are the fattest people on the planet! Does that sound harsh? Sorry, but it's the truth as many studies have proven.

The good news is that the situation is reversible and one of the best ways to get to work and slim down is on a bicycle; and, "Bicycling for Fun and Fitness" can be the tool to get you started!

What's in it for me?

Just take a look:

What types of bikes are available

Learn the different types of bikes and the pros and cons of each

What kind of cycling do you wish to do

Explore the different kinds of bicycling you can do

What is fitness cycling

How cycling can fit into an overall fitness program

Preparing to cycle

What you need to know before you begin a cycling program

Equip yourself

What do you need in addition to a bike for the different types of cycling

Setting up your cycling fitness program

Finding a good "routine" for fitness cycling

The right and wrong way to cycle

Did you know cycling can be harmful in some cases

Warming up and cooling down

Cross training

How to merge bicycling into a regular routine

Charting your progress

How to prepare a method to keep track of your progress

All about accessories

All the accessories that are available for specific types of riding

Nutrition for bicycle fitness

A good overall fitness diet

Bicycle Racing

Moving up to serious bicycling

Special Bicycles for Racing

Difference in bicycles for racing. . .weight, build, cost etc

How to train for bicycle racing

"Bicycling for Fun and Fitness" is up to date and contemporary with all the latest information. Not only discover answers to all the questions above, but if you are interested in racing, learn how to prepare for that as well.