Guide to Family Camping


Find out everything you need to know to turn this into the best family vacation you have ever had. You don't need a lot. Take a look at what we divulge in "Your Ultimate Guide to Family Camping:"

What's your camping style - Yep there's a difference

Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall

How to pick the best tent

How to pick the best backpack

How to pick the best sleeping bag

Dressing for the occasion

Campfires and setting up camp

All About Gourmet Camping Food (Just kidding - general food basics)

Fun Activities While Camping

Play it Safe - Packing a First Aid Kit

Staying in Touch

Getting There Can Be Fun - Keeping Kids Happy

Destination Suggestions

10 Fun Things for Kids To Do

What About Fido?

Written in plain English "Your Ultimate Guide to Family Camping" will help answer all the questions you may have in order to make an intelligent decision about whether to hide your wallet and pursue a vacation with lasting memories!

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